Specimen: 14,273,822 Names:3,171,292 Photos: 6,061,327 Video:2,795 Literature: 102,302 Datasets: 100+

About NSII

NSII is one of 28 the National Science & Technology infrastructure which Ministry of Science and Technology recognized and funded. The online sharing infrastructure has been building since 2003 including digital information ofplant specimen, animal specimen, Fossil and rock specimen,Polar resources.NSII is good for sharing information resources,mining data deeply, improving the deep application of data quality and information technology tools, strengthening the application of the infrastructure in kinds of cases.Even more, NSII provides much favorable technical supports for big country plans such as the project about biological diversity protection and the implementation ofthe China biodiversity conservation strategy and action plan (2011-2030).The construction of NSII which has realized the share of specimen reso